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Yuki Shirogane has been deemed a failed experiment by the Galactic Conglomerate Defense Force. Along with seven other bots who have escaped the Conglomerate’s clutches, she now works for the Triune Alliance in the war they have waged against her very creator: High Queen Octavia the Fifth.

As the only living being able to interface fully with the experimental Weaponized Extreme Suppression Robots, her heroic exploits have given the Alliance hope that the Conglomerate can be overthrown and true peace established within the United Galaxies.

This routine mission, however, is personal to Yuki as she is asked to extract two young princesses being used as political pawns by the Conglomerate. When she learns they are being moved to the same black site she “grew up in”, as Captain of her own ship The Winter Diamond, she and her crew see an opportunity to prevent history from repeating itself by making sure what happened to her does not happen again.

Created by Macky and Kahlil Santiago, this is the BlueRoom’s take on the classic Snow White fairytale reimagined as a sci-fi space heist. This is the first of a handful of re-imagined fairy tales in the Fairy Tales in Blue series.

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Legend of the Eiphagh Tree


Welcome to the world of Azharn! This collection of short stories and tales will set the stage for the BlueRoom Project's big fantasy novella series for late 2026!

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BlueRoom Projects is a media company founded on the simple but life changing joy of telling stories. Founders Macky and Kahlil Santiago have been kicking around a liftetime's worth of stories between themselves and have finally decided to just go out into the world and tell them. Here you'll find the culmination of a dream that started with two kids telling each other stories in the attic of their childhood home. Come for the art! Stay for the story!

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